Advanced Cryo Solutions handles our cooling system applications. Our cooling system can handle cooling for Containerized Housing Units (CHU's), refrigerated shipping containers, refrigerated trucking, survivable housing, cold storage units for food and medicine, and for cooling server racks to name a few of the possible uses. The cooling system will greatly reduce carbon foot-print and exponentially reduce energy costs for the end user.

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Joshua Ireland

CEO/Senior Engineer of Advanced Cryo

Josh has over a decade of experience navigating global capital markets across start-ups, venture capital and hedge funds. He successfully launched an e-commerce startup in Shanghai, China and led a 20-person team to profitability within 4 months, culminating in a joint venture with one of the 7 largest websites in the country. He subsequently held roles specializing in deep valuation of both publicly and privately held companies. Prior to joining the Tisdale Group Josh served as Managing Director of Covenant Capital Management, a quantitative hedge fund with over $500m in client assets. In that capacity he was responsible for all client communications as well as overseeing fund operations and research. Josh studied Nuclear and Radiological Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and has published research outlining the design and viability of nuclear fusion reactors.